Hello everyone! I’m Dr. Deipti Garg, a Vastu Shastra consultant in Kolkata.

In Kolkata, where the Ganges flows, I’m here to bring the ancient knowledge of Vastu Shastra to light. With years of learning and practice, I’m here to help you understand how cosmic energy influences your home and work spaces.

Kolkata is rich with Vastu experts, but I strive to offer unique insights and guidance. I’m dedicated to helping you create harmony in your surroundings by tapping into the wisdom of our ancestors.

Vastu Shastra Consultant

Using my years of experience and keen observation, I can spot any energy imbalances in your home or workplace and help you fix them. Think of me as an artist, brushing away obstacles to create a space that’s full of good vibes and blessings.

My methods are rooted in ancient wisdom, passed down through generations. I’ll analyze every corner of your space and give you personalized recommendations to unleash your full potential.

I don’t just stop at advice—I’m here to make tangible changes too. From rearranging furniture to choosing colors and materials, every detail is carefully chosen to harness positive energy.

And if there are any imbalances lingering around, I have a bag of tricks to fix them. With mirrors, symbols, and other remedies, we’ll restore harmony and invite prosperity into your life.

Are you ready to turn your place into a peaceful oasis? Let’s do it together. Check out my website at www.drdeiptigarg.in to find out more about what I can do for you.

If you have any questions or want to get started, feel free to give me a call at +91 9330933931 or shoot me an email at deeptigarg1402@yahoo.co.in. I’m here to guide you towards a life filled with blessings and happiness.

Let’s unlock the power of Vastu Shastra by Vastu Expert Dr. Deipti Garg, and create a space where success and well-being thrive. Reach out to me, and let’s make magic happen together!

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