Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, offers valuable guidelines for creating harmonious living spaces. When properly applied, these principles can help attract wealth and prosperity into your life. Hello, I’m Dr. Deipti Garg, a Vastu expert in Kolkata with over 14 years of experience. Here are some practical Vastu tips to enhance the financial flow in your home or workspace.

Main Entrance
The main entrance of your home is crucial in Vastu. It’s considered the entry point for energy. To attract wealth:

1. Ensure the entrance is well-lit and free from obstructions.
2. Decorate the entrance with auspicious symbols like Lakshmi footprints or a Swastik.
3. The door should open inwards, symbolizing welcoming energy into the home.

    North and Northeast Zones
    The north and northeast zones of your home are associated with wealth and prosperity.

    1. Keep these areas clean and clutter-free.
    2. Place water elements like fountains or aquariums in the north to enhance financial stability.
    3. Avoid placing heavy furniture or storage in the northeast as it can block positive energy flow.

      Kitchen Placement
      The kitchen represents the health and wealth of the family.

      1. Ideally, the kitchen should be located in the southeast corner of the house.
      2. If this is not possible, the northwest corner is the second-best option.
      3. Ensure the cooking stove is placed in such a way that the cook faces east while preparing food.

      Money Plant and Other Wealth Symbols
      Certain plants and symbols are believed to attract wealth.

      1. Place a money plant in the southeast corner of your living room.
      2. Ensure it is healthy and thriving.
      3. You can also keep a small statue of the laughing Buddha or a bowl of crystals in this area to enhance positive energy.

        Cash Box and Financial Documents
        The placement of your cash box and financial documents is significant.

          1. Keep your cash box in the north direction, facing south.
          2. This setup is believed to attract more wealth.
          3. Financial documents should be stored in a safe or cabinet in the north or northeast direction.

          Bedroom Tips
          Your bedroom should be a place of rest and positive energy.

          1.The bed should be placed in the southwest corner of the room with the head facing south.
          2. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom, especially those reflecting the bed, as they can lead to financial instability.
          3. Keep your bedroom clean and free from unnecessary clutter.

            Lighting and Colors
            Proper lighting and the right choice of colors can significantly influence the flow of energy.

              1.Ensure your home is well-lit, especially the entrance and wealth corners.
              2. Use colors like green, blue, and purple in the north and southeast areas to enhance prosperity.
              3. Avoid dark and dull colors in these zones as they can dampen the flow of positive energy.

              Avoiding Negative Elements
              Certain elements can block the flow of wealth and should be avoided.

                1.Avoid keeping broken or damaged items in your home as they attract negative energy.
                2.Ensure there are no leaking taps or pipes, as they symbolize financial loss.
                3.Keep the center of your home, or Brahmasthan, clean and clutter-free to ensure the free flow of energy.

                Puja Room Placement
                The Puja room, or prayer room, plays a vital role in enhancing the spiritual and financial well-being of a household.

                  1.The ideal location for a Puja room is the northeast corner of your home.
                  2.Keep the Puja room clean and clutter-free.
                  3.Light a lamp or diya daily to attract positive energy.

                  Balancing the Five Elements
                  1. Vastu Shastra is based on the balance of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space.
                  2. Ensure that these elements are balanced in your home for optimal energy flow.
                  3. Use natural elements like water fountains, plants, and sunlight to create harmony.

                  How I Can Help

                  As a Vastu expert, I have helped numerous clients achieve financial stability and prosperity through personalized Vastu consultations. My approach involves:

                    1. A detailed analysis of your home or office layout.
                    2. Identifying areas of imbalance and suggesting practical remedies.
                    3. Providing ongoing support to ensure the continuous flow of positive energy.

                      Why Choose Me
                      With over 14 years of experience, I offer a deep understanding of Vastu principles and their practical application. My goal is to help you create a living or working environment that supports your financial goals and overall well-being.

                    Feel free to reach out for a consultation, and together, we can create a space that attracts wealth and . into your life.

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